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Training at Thorpe Flight Center

From basic R&D in Thorpe's Low Speed Windtunnel to sophisticated Flight Test Operations, we are uniquely qualified and experienced to provide the technical support you need today at a competitive cost to you.

Unlike the many so called "training schools" for drones that have suddenly appeared online, our training professionals have extensive practical, real world careers spanning decades working with drones.  As you consider entering this exciting profession, ask the other "school" staff how long they have been working in the unmanned air vehicle industry.  After you fall out of your chair, give us a call and we will discuss how you can successfully enter this industry - you will be glad you called.

Training Program Highlights include

Affordable selection of training programs and formats

Class, simulation and practical (actual flying) sessions

Graduate with a drone of your choice

For qualifying graduates: your first job - guaranteed!

Thorpe Air Ground Service

Research and Development

Thorpe Seeop Vehicles include:

We provide aerial photography services for high end residential, commercial and action sporting events.  Incredible high definition video and stills are provided with our timely, professional service that features creativity and jaw dropping action coupled with dramatic framing and composition.  Let us help you with your marketing and advertising campaign's production to show your customers why you stand out from the crowd today!  We feature

Competitive Rates

Professional Production

Professional Post-production

Fast Turnaround

Thorpe Aerial Photography

Just a small sample of the many Thorpe Seeop products that have been manufactured and operated by our customers spanning over 30 years.  Any of these vehicles can be ordered by our customers and their current personnel trained to operate the vehicles or we can provide professional operators to provide flight services to ensure your project has the very best opportunity for success!

We provide surface and subsurface geotechnical and imaging detection survey products for land applications around the world using mounted and dismounted data acquisition platforms, manned or unmanned according to the needs of our customers.  Various sensing technologies are used depending on the mission service.

Example applications include

Project size Base Metals surveys

Land Developer Due Diligence

Earth Fissure and Sink Hole

Recovery well head placement

Hidden facilities

Unmarked grave sites

Silage pits

Underground Storage Tanks


Wreck/Buried artifacts

Archeology investigations


Competitive Rates

Professional, courteous service

Fast Turnaround