Our product line is too extensive to conveniently share on a website.  Many of our products are not in the public domain.  Other products we offer can be found at a nearby retailer in your area.  To best assist you, simply email your needs to us (thorpe@seeop.com) and our professional staff will direct you to available products that will ideally meet your needs.

Credit: Steve Zylius/UC Irvine

Looking Out For You since 1985!

Conversion Vehicle

We are flying the world's only successful stop rotor.  Truly, the future is in a spin!

Small Electrics

Innovative air, sea and land based, mounted or dismounted electric vehicles are available.


Air, sea and land based Thorpedos are example Thorpe Seeop go fast machines.


Piston Medium Size

The P10 & P40 Series vehicles range from just 8 feet in wingspan to 21+ feet and have served our customers reliably for three decades.


Our related companies provide a wide range of quality services from Training, Research & Development, Data Acquisition to Geotechnical map-making & Commercial Videography/Photography.  In our expert hands you can leave it to us.


Our company is the very first to develop unmanned aircraft for commercial  (as compared to military) applications around the world.  Since 1985, we have been engaged in the development and financially successful operation of unmanned vehicles.   With such span of expertise you will benefit from the time tested best solution to your requirement while minimizing project risk.   Give us a call today to review your needs at (480) 262-1051. 


Piston Large Size

The TS2000 are Cessna-sized workhorse vehicles to meet demanding requirements.

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